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superiority complex

superiority complex
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If you're easily offended, suicidal, or just have really low self-esteem do yourself a favor and don't post here.

1.) No linking
Do not post links to your pictures in this community. The photos you want to use must be uploaded to a site and posted here.

2.) Commenting without a stamp
The only post you can comment on is your own! If you rate other members without a 'hot as fuck' stamp then you will be banned from posting.

3.) Do not post nude pictures.
No one wants to see your ass, unless its hot and you're legal. If you're over 18 with a hot body and want it rated, go ahead! Must put an LJ cut to notify underage members. Failure to comply will definitely result in a ban!

4.) Number of pictures
A minimum of 3 pictures are required for an acceptance stamp.

5.) Quality of pictures
Pictures must be clear. We must be able to tell what you look like. If we can't then you will be rejected. Sorry.

6.) If rejected
If you are declined you may post again in 30 days with a new set of photos. We aren't promising anything but we encourage you to keep trying. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky.

7.) LJ cut
When posting pictures you may post one on the main page and then use the LJ Cut tag for the rest

8.) Who can stamp people?
Remember, only mods can stamp members. If you aren't a mod and you stamp a person you will be banned.

9.) Can I make fun of accepted members?
Sure, why not? Don't sit there and take it like a bitch. You can only diss members in your post. It may not get you in but you won't be banned for it.

10.) Have fun.

superiority Moderators: guntomyhead (Maintainer) verdict

We want more mods. Wanna be one? With your post tell us and we'll let you know.